Quiet Carry Produces First-Ever Fixed Blade

Quiet Carry is launching its own line of fixed blades with the Current, a multi-role outdoor blade. The knife brings Quiet Carry’s clean style into a new genre of cutting tool for the company.

“With a fixed blade knife, design is more straight forward with less limitations, which allows you to really hone in on other aspects of the knife,” explains Quiet Carry Bryce Alexander, who designed the Current and all previous QC releases. With less mechanical considerations to take into account, he focused on making a knife that would be ready for just about any outdoors cutting task. “The thought behind this knife was make it for someone like us really that enjoys camping and fishing and the outdoors.”

The Current’s broad, big-bellied drop point is 3 inches long, with a high flat grind and unobtrusive swedge. These familiar, user-friendly characteristics make it an easy knife to simply pick up and use. Leaning into the fishing knife angle, Quiet Carry chose LC200N steel for the Current. This steel is just over five years old and, although young, quickly earned a reputation for impressive performance and rust resistance, appearing most prominently on recent Spyderco offerings like theNative 5 Salt and SpydieChef.

A handle that flows from upper part of the blade’s width imparts a kitchen knife vibe to the Current. “It works great for various tasks like cleaning fish or chopping bait, but you can also take it to the camp site and it will work great for slicing an onion or a steak,” Alexander notes. The full tang Current comes with black G-10 scales, which have been given a faux bolster with an angled facet on their bladeward sides.

Alexander also detailed Quiet Carry’s plans for 2019, telling us that we can expect at least six more products this year across multiple categories: EDC tools, extensions of existing products, and more entries in the Elements series to which the Current belongs. Alexander is the sole designer for Quiet Carry at the moment, though as the company grows he wants to change that. “I’m the only designer currently but would love to collaborate with other designers. I am hoping to get there at some point soon.”

The Current is currently being funded on Kickstarter, but it has already surpassed its goal and Alexander promises a very short fulfillment period. The first batch of Currents has already been produced and he estimates the orders will start shipping to customers two weeks after the Kickstarter closes next week.

Knife in Featured image: Quiet Carry Current