Olamic Mixes It Up With Damasteel Limited Editions

Olamic Cutlery has released a new limited production run of Damasteel knives. Each of their three mainstay models is getting the Damasteel treatment, in a pattern with special significance for Olamic.

A total of 300 Damasteel edition knives will be made, with the Wayfarer 247, Busker, and Swish each getting 100 pieces. The Wayfarer 247 will be receiving 25 pieces for each of its four possible blade shapes, while the Busker can be had with either its Semper or Largo blade, each limited to 50 pieces. The Swish comes in one configuration, so all 100 pieces will have the same blade shape.

“We have always wanted to do limited editions of our most popular models with different blade steels,” explains Olamic’s Eugene Solomonik. Damascus-style blades are a natural fit for the high-end nature of Olamic’s knives. “Using another stainless in place of M390 didn’t feel special enough, so naturally the next option was Damascus,” Solomonik says. “Because these are EDC knives however, we needed something performance-oriented and stainless. Well, naturally Damasteel came to mind.”

Olamic chose the new Super Dense Twist pattern for these Damasteel blades, a pattern consisting of thickly-coiled concentric circles separated by multilayered X-shapes. For Olamic, the pattern functions as an homage to the non-stainless Damascus they produce in-house. “[It] is right up our alley, as our most popular in-house pattern is also a tight twist. It is not as common in the market and we’re glad we got the chance to use it.”

In terms of performance, the particular formulation of Damasteel used on these knives offers cutting characteristics in line with their well-rounded steel RWL-34. “We chose it for its performance,” Solomonik states. “We have at 60 Rockwell hardness. And after carrying a 247 with it for awhile I was very impressed.”

Solomonik tells us that these limited edition models fall right into Olamic’s drive to constantly be doing something new. Little experiments have cropped up before and may do so again. “We have been doing this for awhile, for example, the first run of the Rainmaker used Z-Finit steel, a Nitrogen-based stainless with very interesting properties.” Olamic also recently announced that the Rainmaker model is the next custom model slated to get a production version.

Knife in Featured image: Olamic Cutlery Damasteel Wayfarer 247 Tanto