KA-BAR Redraws TDI Flipper from the Ground Up

KA-BAR just released a redesigned TDI Flipper, the folding version of the fixed blade of the same name. This is a ground-up refresh, with a look much closer to the fixed blade predecessor and, for the first time at KA-BAR, a crossbar-style locking mechanism.

There’s a bit of history, and a small family tree, to consider when discussing this knife. The original TDI is a fixed blade designed by John Benner. Purpose built for self-defense, it has a 2.31-inch leaf-shaped blade, canted at a dramatic angle in relation to the handle, itself set at a pronounced curve. It proved to be a popular model, and begat an entire series of related pieces, including the TDI Ladyfinger, a larger version, and, eventually, the first TDI Flipper knife.

The pocket clip can go on either side

Compared to the original TDI Flipper, this 2023 reboot bears a much stronger resemblance to the fixed blade TDI. It has a curve to its handle, and the AUS-8 blade here echoes the leaf-shaped original. But it’s not a 1:1 recreation either: at 3 inches long, it’s a bit larger, with a trapezoidal, oversized swedge dominating the upper half of the blade flat. These qualities make the 2023 TDI Flipper a natural fit for everyday carry without losing the distinctly tactical elements of its fixed blade forefather.

Other changes abound, including a key one that should please the fidget factor fans out there while simultaneously boosting accessibility. KA-BAR did away with the frame lock mechanism that the first TDI Flipper had; and in its place they installed an Axis Lock-style crossbar lock. This swap is a big win in terms of ambidextrousness; combined with the flipper tab, opening hole, and reversible pocket clip, the TDI Flipper is now 100% lefty-friendly. All in all, it’s hard to call this TDI Flipper a revision so much as a complete, top-to-bottom redesign.

The TDI Flipper Folder is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: KA-BAR TDI Flipper Folder

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