Kickstarter Roundup: Fixed Blades from Thailand and Japan

Users in search of unusual fixed blades would do well to look at Kickstarter right now. Currently, two projects are seeking funding: one from Thailand, the other from Japan. The two knives are informed by very different user needs and styles.

SIAM Bushcraft Enep

SIAM is a company based in Bangkok, Thailand that has funded multiple knives on Kickstarter. The Bushcraft Enep is based off of their previously-released, full-size Enep, which takes its name and design from a traditional Thai fixed blade. The new Bushcraft Enep shrinks the blade length down to 5 inches, but retains the sinuous, almost kukri-esque blade shape of its predecessor.

SIAM Bushcraft Enep

By reducing the dimensions, SIAM aims to create something that retains much of the utility of its bigger brothers while being smaller, lighter, and easier to carry. The Bushcraft Enep is made from SK5 carbon steel and, according to SIAM, fashioned more or less by hand with traditional knife-making processes.

The Bushcraft Enep has already hit its funding goal, and the campaign ends at 12:00 AM July 26th, so those interested should investigate soon.


In Toyama, Japan, TAPP Co. Ltd is seeking funding for the SAKAKNIFE, their first knife making endeavor. TAPP Co. comes from the recreational fishing realm and designed the Sakaknife to be the ultimate filleting tool.

Essentially, the Sakaknife’s patent pending blade incorporates four core functions in necessary to prepare fresh fish. The ridges on the swedge are for descaling, the hook-shaped concavity at the tip creates a trace line along the belly, and the plain and serrated portions of the edge handle the rest. Produced in cutlery capital Seki by none other than G. Sakai, the Sakaknife comes in a few configurations: you can grab it with plain VG-10 or damascus with VG-10 core, and a very limited number (just 10 pieces) are up for grabs with an urushi lacquer handle finish. Urushi is a sap used in traditional Japanese lacquerware. A plastic sheath is also included.

The Sakaknife is well on its way to reaching its goal of $4,622, with a hefty chunk of time left to go: 41 days as of the publication of this article.

Knife in Featured Image: TAPP Co. LTD. SAKAKNIFE

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