Kizer Adds First Back Lock to the Lineup

It might be hard to believe, but throughout its years in the knife biz and across its many, many releases, Kizer has yet to produce a back lock design – until now. The company has teamed up with designer Michal Galovic for the Slicer, a knife with a back-to-fundamentals design ethos to compliment its simple, secure locking mechanism.

When a knife comes out with a name like “Slicer,” you expect certain qualities in its blade. The Kizer Slicer appears to check those boxes with its slick, low-slung 3.78-inch drop point blade, full flat-ground from .13″ stock. The Slicer aims to be a working knife, with a sub-$100 price point, so it comes kitted out with a reliable, unflashy stainless steel, N690. It opens with an ambidextrous thumb studs – situated far enough back on the blade so as not to impede the Slicer when it’s slicing.

The roomy handle provides a suitable amount of real estate to accommodate different hand sizes and grips as needed. It’s a clean, confident profile, with one large finger groove on the handle itself, and it appears as if the blade choil could be a possible choke-up point as well. Utilitarian black G-10 scales cover the full stainless steel frame, which gives the Slicer a beefy feel; its weight, however, is still practical at 4.73 oz. A large, sturdy, and reversible stainless steel pocket clip rounds out the list of features on this completely ambidextrous knife.

Kizer’s name is synonymous with the production titanium frame lock folder. In the heady days of 2015, the Kizer Gemini became a best seller, not only for its utilitarian Ray Laconico design, but also for offering a titanium frame lock at a then-uncommonly low price. Things have changed hugely since then, but the titanium locking format is still a core element in Kizer’s lineup. Ironically, since the frame lock became ascendant across the industry, the back lock has become a little exotic in itself.

Kizer says to expect the Slicer to be available by the end of March.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Slicer