Kizer Puts New Product Strategy in Motion with Discontinued for 2017 List

Earlier this year, Kizer told us that it would make significant cuts to its product line for 2017. Today, the company  released its full discontinued for 2017 list, revealing the 16 in-house designs that are being cancelled. Kizer also announced plans to revamp three existing models. The moves reflect Kizer’s new product strategy: covering more ground in the market by differentiating models from one another.

In the here and now these discontinuations might prompt those who’ve been considering a Kizer to take the plunge. The company helped reset the bar for value in the high-end, production flipper segment with high quality products that feature excellent materials at comparatively low prices. If there are closeout deals to be had, these discontinued knives may become an even less expensive way to see what all the fuss is about.

Here are two standout knives from the discontinued list that are worth checking out before they’re gone (full list at the end of the article).

Ki4423 Sovereign
An early Kizer design, the Sovereign is undoubtedly a bit out there. Intricate CNC machining that channels Chinese history certainly isn’t something you see every day. But that’s part of the charm of the Sovereign. It’s guaranteed to stand out in any collection.

Ki4423 Sovereign

Ki4514 V3 Magnum Vigor
Kizer tends to err on the larger side with many of its in-house designs, and the Magnum Vigor is one of the biggest Kizers around. With a 4” recurved tanto blade and a roomy 5.1” handle, the Magnum Vigor should be catnip for fans of oversized knives. If you have some heavy duty cutting chores, or just like to make a bold statement with your blade, this is one that shouldn’t be passed over.

Ki4514 V3 Magnum Vigor

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Knife Redesigns
Kizer’s Prime series, their collection of in-house designs, was overshadowed by the collaboration-oriented Bladesmith line this year. Although Kizer will continue working with custom makers, the Prime series is going to be fleshed out as well. “In 2017 we’re going to be taking the Prime category one step further,” says Kizer’s David Sun.

To start, three existing Prime knives are being redesigned to bring them in line with modern knife making trends. We already knew that the Zugang and Zambi were getting an update, but Kizer also plans on redesigning the standard 401 V3 series. “The 401 series is our flagship line,” Sun says. It was an early success for Kizer, so it will be nice to see it get an upgrade.

Complete Kizer Discontinued for 2017 List


Ki3309 Walkabout

Ki4430 Sway

Ki4421 Gemeter

Ki3302B Gemeter

Ki4418 Ichthyo

Ki4461A2 Kesmec

Ki4412 Bolt

Ki4401D V3 Caligine

Ki5401 V3 Magnum

Ki4404 V3 Activ

Ki3404A1 V3 Activ Bantam

Ki4423 Sovereign

Ki4431 Sovereign Tang

Ki5414 V3 Magnum Vigor

Ki5404 V3 Magnum

Ki4447 Luminare


Ki4401 V3

Ki4439 Zugang

Ki4434 Zambi

Knife featured in image: Kizer Ki4423 Sovereign