Spyderco Announces Discontinued for 2017 List: These Models are History

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s revelations that Benchmade is discontinuing popular models and dropping the entire HK Line, as is customary Spyderco announced its discontinued for 2017 list via a post on the popular Spyderco Forum.

Last month, KnifeNews published five predictions for the Spyderco discontinued list and as it turns out all five models are being retired. The Rubicon, Battlestation, Chubby, Sage 3, and K2 are all going the way of the dodo bird. For more information about these five models check out our original story. But 16 more models are also on their way out, most of which caught us by surprise.

To mitigate the risk of paying more on the secondary market, Spyderco fans have some decisions to make before availability dwindles. Here is an overview of six more notable knives that made the list but won’t make the next catalog. Below that you’ll find the remaining Spydercos that won’t be around in 2017.

C90PBK Stretch/C90PGRE Stretch ZDP-189
A pet project knife of Founder Sal Glesser, the Stretch is a refined hunting/EDC blade that is Spyderco through and through. Once these two models are gone there will be no more FRN-handled Stretches in the active lineup – for now. Sal has alluded to an FRN Stretch 2 in recent forum posts, so if you can’t get your hands on one of these before they’re gone, there’s still hope.

Spyderco Stretch

C07GP3 Police 3 G-10
Like the Paramilitary 3, the Police 4 is highly anticipated by Spyderco fans. Although no release date has been set, the discontinuation of its predecessor signals that it might just be in next year’s lineup. Sequels aside, the Police 3 is great knife with a long and proven track record of satisfying both collectors and the LEOs it was designed for.

Spyderco Police 3 G-10

C164GPBN Nilakka
Part of the ongoing Ethnic Series, the Nilakka is a folding version of the traditional Finnish puukko utility knife. Designed by Pekka Tuominen, an expert on the puukko and its history, the Nilakka was unlike anything else in Spyderco’s lineup – and that’s really saying something. Knife historians, collectors, and anybody who likes a unique blade owe it to themselves to check out the Nilakka.

Spyderco Nilakka

C171TIBLP Mike Draper Folder
The Mike Draper folder was an attempt to translate the distinct, classy look of a Draper custom into a large production folder. The Draper Folder originally debuted at the 2014 Amsterdam Meet and took a long time to come to market. It finally appeared late last year. Sadly, it never found the audience it needed. But with such limited quantities available and its unique looks, the Draper might be just the kind of model speculators can profit from.

Spyderco Mike Draper Folder

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C178GP Kiwi 4
The Kiwi 4 was the latest in a line of small, wharncliffe-bladed Spydies that has been around in one form or another since 2002. The Kiwi 4 sported G-10 scales and a lock back, and the addition of a wire clip made it an attractive option for those in the market for a small EDC. But with the Chaparral, Dragonfly, Ambitious, Delica, and other knives competing in the same sub-3” knife space, the Kiwi 4 didn’t survive.

Spyderco Kiwi 4

C146CFBBKP Szabo Folder (BLK)
The only remaining version of the Laci Szabo Folder is now going extinct as well. The original, with lightning strike carbon fiber, was replaced by this more tactical version with subdued black CF scales and a DLC-coated blade. The Szabo Folder was always a niche product, but its martial pedigree made it excel in the specific applications it was designed for.

Spyderco Szabo Folder (BLK)

C160P – Foundry
The Foundry was a collaboration with Carpenter Steel, and is made entirely from CTS products.

C167GP – Friction Folder
An elegant rendition of the friction folder form by minimalist Belgian designer Filip De Leeuw.

C173GP – Hungarian Folder
Another Ethnic Series model, the Hungarian Folder emulates the traditional fejesgörbe knife.

C179PBK–Spy-DK Black/C179POR-Spy-DK Orange
Danish knife laws inspired this non-locking, two-hand opening design.

C188ALTIP – Dog Tag Folder
Serge Pachenko’s signature design envisioned as a Spyderco knife. Blackout and carbon fiber models will remain in the catalog.

C29PT – Cricket Tattoo
The Cricket is an enduring Spyderco design. This version features a colored cricket etching on the show side. The standard plain stainless steel model will continue to be produced.

FB24SBK – Jumpmaster
A serrated fixed blade designed for airborne operations.

FB28GPBN – Puukko
The fixed blade companion piece to the Nilakka, also designed by Pekka Tuominen.

MBKS – Manbug Spyderedge
A fully-serrated version of the popular keychain knife. Plain edge Manbug models are still available.

MGGYP – Manbug Gray G-10
This rendition of the Manbug features G-10 scales and a stainless steel bolster. Many FRN Manbug models are still available.

Non-Knife Discontinuations:
YUS101 – Baliyo Pink & Orange
BEAD4LY – Small Bead w/lanyard