Kizer Dragon Feist Pays Homage to Everyone’s Favorite Mythic Beast

The famous Justin Lundquist Feist design is returning to the Kizer Friday Club this month. Last time it showed up in Star Wars fettle, but this time Kizer went for a fantasy rather than a sci-fi theme, rolling out what they call the Dragon Feist.

In terms of Kizer models, the Feist hardly needs an introduction. When it arrived in 2017, the community responded instantly to its people- and pocket-friendly size, as well as its front flipper – a mechanism that was not common sight at the time, and which, we think it’s safe to say, the Feist helped popularize in production knives. There were a few issues with the first batch of Feists, but they were quickly addressed by Kizer and, ever since, the knife has been a staple in their lineup; if any collaboration model in their catalog surpasses it in terms of visibility, it would be the Ray Laconico-designed Gemini.

So what’s new on this draconic variant? It reminds us a bit of another recent Kizer Friday Club knife, which we called the mermaid Grazioso due to the piscine design on its scales and sea-themed, two-tone finish. Kizer took a similar approach here, with front-and-back aluminum scales, 3D-sculpted to have two scale portions separated by a ‘wing’ portion in between. The upper scale region is colored black, while the wing and second scale section are both red.

The last time the Feist showed up in the Kizer Friday Club in the aforementioned Star Wars trim, it was in its wharncliffe-blade variant. This time the company returned to the orignially model, which has a spear point-style blade; on the Dragon Feist that blade comes with a black coating to match the upper portion of the handle. This is a standard model in terms of blade steel, made from 154CM – opened as usual with the front flipper and secured with a liner lock rather than a frame lock.

You can get the Dragon Feist tomorrow, Friday, April 21st. It’ll be available only through Kizer’s website starting at 8pm EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Friday Club Dragon Feist

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