Hoo Knives V3 Wraps up UK-Friendly Trilogy

Back in January we got our first glimpse of the Hoo Knives V3, via some prototype CAD drawings of the design. Now the V3 is finalized and available for preorder now, concluding a trilogy of UK-friendly, non-locking knife designs.

“When I was designing the V3 I took aspects from both my previous designs, the V1 and V2, and made a sort of hybrid lovechild of the two,” explains Carl Pearson, founder of Hoo Knives. He wanted to take the flipper tab from the V1 and add in the thumb stud from the V2, offering users two different ways to deploy the 2.815-inch spear blade. “To me the V3 is the best of all worlds,” Pearson continues. “You can flip it open using the thumb stud, spydie flip it open with the thumb stud, or deploy it as a standard flipper with the tab.”

Like its two predecessors, the V3 is a non-locking knife. Located in the UK, one of Hoo Knives’s core tenets is to offer premium, modern folders for knife enthusiasts in places (like the United Kingdom) where locking knives cause legal complications. On that note, Pearson tells us that one of the most important elements of the V3 is something you can’t see in the pictures. “We also put more of an emphasis on redesigning our double detent system,” he explains. “It’s seamlessly integrated into the handles of the V3 and functions super smoothly for that lovely flipper deployment.”

Pearson did say that one element had to change during prototyping: “The original concept art of the design had the flipper tab being completely removable, however due to the wording of British knife laws, we were advised after seeking further legal advice that to keep it UK friendly, the removable flipper tab would have to go.” However Pearson kept the removable thumb stud concept that was introduced on the V2.

The V3’s handle, made from titanium, carries forward the pared back simplicity of its two stable mates but, again, subtle improvements are in tow. “I also took a closer look at how I could stop the blade closing on your hand when it’s deployed, something that is often looked for in non-locking knife designs,” says Pearson. “When designing the V1 the goal was always to make my own personal favourite EDC,” he continues. “At the time of the V1’s inception I thought I had achieved that knife design. It was not until I first used a V3 prototype I realized I may have accidentally created my new favourite non-locking sub 3” blade EDC.”

Pearson says that with the imminent release of the V3, the Hoo Knives V Trilogy is complete. “I can definitely see a fourth design later down the line and have already a few designs up my sleeves that I am working on,” Pearson adds. “However I don’t believe I will call any of these the V4 and instead opt to leave the original trilogy untouched. I think the V1, V2 and V3 make a very nice introduction trilogy into the Hoo Knives brand.”

The Hoo Knives V3 is available for preorder now, and expected to start shipping in the summer.

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