Hoo Knives Announces Incoming V2 Run

Last month we received news that Hoo Knives, the new UK-based knife company founded by community member Carl Pearson, had to put all its knife making plans on hold due to financial difficulties. At the time Pearson said he hoped the day would come when Hoo Knives could be started up again and, happily, it looks like he’s already taken the first step in that direction.

Hoo Knives only ever actually released its first knife, the V1, but Pearson showed off several other designs, most prominently the V2, another non-locking knife with all the other modern folder fixins. Like its predecessor, the V2 aimed to stay legal to carry under more restrictive UK knife laws; thus its blade length hit the magic number of 2.9 inches. It had another uncommon feature too: its thumb stud, which attaches into a small cutout on the blade, could be adjusted back and forth in the notch or removed entirely to suit user preference.

Pearson’s V2 prototype

When Hoo Knives made its announcement the V2, and all other future projects, were put on hold; but this week Pearson said he found a way to produce a small batch of V2s, hopefully by the end of the year. “Today I have taken steps to secure the future of Hoo Knives,” he wrote in a post on IG. “Firstly we have secured a small amount of funding that will be used to put towards the production of the V2.”

Pearson also said that he will likely use a preorder system to keep the funds in balance and produce the right amount of product. “At this stage, we would hope that the production run of V2 is available before the end of this year, around November/December time but this could be subject to change.”

Hoo Knives has a notification list you can sign up for on their site, here, which will keep you in the loop on the V2 as it nears a preorder window and eventual release. In the meantime, to help fund the V2, the remaining Hoo Knives V1 stock has been further discounted.

Knife in Featured Image: Hoo Knives V2

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