RS Knifeworks Brings Bold Blade Shapes to Kizer this Year

The Mini Paragon, a new collaboration model with custom maker Rob Saniscalchi, here under the auspices of Kizer Cutlery. Despite it’s name, the Mini Paragon really falls into the mid-size category, with a standout blade shape and rugged, proven materials.

First things first: the “Mini” designation here may be misleading unless you’re familiar with Saniscalchi’s custom work. The Kizer Mini Paragon is named after a custom, which is itself a smaller version of the original custom Paragon. That original has a blade length of 3.75 inches, so a “Mini” doesn’t have to be all that mini to earn the designation in comparison. Thus the Mini Paragon’s blade length is 3.4 inches, which gives it a lot of cutting capability beyond lightweight EDC, but doesn’t completely sacrifice finesse either. The blade steel is that familiar Kizer favorite, 154CM, a steel which has always paired nicely with work knives, offering an equable blend of edge retention and toughness while being quite easy to maintain.

The Mini Paragon opens two ways

The specs only tell half the story here. Saniscalchi describes himself as a “Master of the Grind,” and his work is defined by virtuosically diverse, flamboyant blade shapes. In keeping with its custom counterpat the production Mini Paragon sports an eye-catching, modified tanto shape. It’s an American tanto at heart, but its primary edge is enlivened by a recurve, which should make this one an aggressive cutter as well as a powerful piercer. Speaking of piercing, the tip is fortified not only by a swedge, but with an extra, dished out bevel grind. Both a flipper and an opening oval are on tap for deployment, facilitated as ever by a ball bearing pivot.

Saniscalchi paired his bold blade with a slimmed down, angular handle. The angles are aesthetic, and don’t interfere with what is, at heart, an uncomplicated ergonomic profile. Saniscalchi has showed off two different Mini Paragons, one with black G-10 scales and another with green canvas Micarta ones; for now, at least, Kizer is only listing the latter on their site. The beefy 6.91 oz. Mini Paragon comes with a stainless steel pocket clip and a liner lock mechanism.

This is Saniscalchi’s first production collaboration and it’s available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Mini Paragon

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