Serge Panchenko Schedules Large Trisect Folder for Release

Serge Panchenko threw out some big news this week with the reveal of an all-new production knife, the Trisect. In contrast with many of Panchenko’s hallmark pieces the Trisect is quite a large knife, delivered by Bestech with all the expected premium knife materials.

Calling the Trisect’s blade a “modified cleaver” is accurate, but doesn’t quite do it justice on a visual level. Panchenko has a knack for putting an indelible stamp on his blade profiles, imbuing them all with a certain X factor that distinguishes them even from other knives with the same general shape. But the blade length, not shape, may be the Trisect’s most noteworthy feature because, at 3.75 inches, it’s the biggest production knife Panchenko has put out so far.

The tang looks like it might work for front flipping, but Panchenko says that wasn’t his intent

There’s an obvious artistic/aesthetic element to the Trisect that goes beyond pure practicality, and we can see many buying it for this collector appeal rather than practical considerations; but this blade shape, at that length, makes for unconventional but flexible EDC plus-type capability. The shape of the tang had some wondering if the knife was a front flipper but, according to Panchenko himself, it’s not: the cutout in the blade is the intended way to open the Trisect.

The handle, which is somehow both sinuous and angular (it reminds us of the silhouette of the Orbit), is made from titanium, with several different options available for the inlay portion. The first, and most eye-catching, is a titanium inlay, polished and then flamed for a look that is both rugged and slick. If the flamed ti isn’t your thing, Panchenko and Bestech are also offering the Trisect with three flavors of carbon fiber inlay: black, red, or blue.

Panchenko says that the Trisect, which he’s been trying to bring into existence for five years, is expected to arrive in about three or four months. All four models are available to preorder directly from Panchenko himself; preordering gives customers a 10% discount compared to what they will go for when they arrive.

Knife in Featured Image: Serge Knife Co. Trisect

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