Hoo Knives Shows First Images of V3 Knife

Hoo Knives is kicking off 2023 by revealing the first renders of its next knife model, the V3. Like its two predecessors, the V3 delivers an enthusiast-grade EDC knife that still conforms to strict UK knife laws.

When Hoo Knives opened its doors in 2021, it was with the express purpose of catering to knife enthusiasts in the UK, who have to deal with very strict knife laws. It was also an attempt on the behalf of founder Carl Pearson to channel the history of English knife making, a rich tradition that had dwindled to a shadow of its former self by the start of the 21st century. Pearson’s first design, the V1, started as his ideal UK EDC; the V2 followed later on, offering a second take on the same concept.

With the V3, Pearson said he wanted to blend aspects of the prior two Hoo Knives models. In these initial renders, that heritage is quite clear; the flipper and handle bring the V1 to mind, while the finger groove and thumb stud come down from the V2. This dual-deploying knife has a spear point blade that comes in under 3 inches which, as any UK knife nuts know, is one of the key metrics of legality in that country.

The other, of course, is that the knife can’t be locking, so the V3 has a double detent-style slipjoint mechanism inside. If you’re unfamiliar, a double detent means that there’s a detent ball keeping the knife secure (but not locked) in the open position, in addition to the common closed detent that most folders use.

It’s clear from the pictures but worth reiterating: this is an early prototype rendering of the V3. Things about the design may change and, moreover, there’s no active production status or scheduled release window at this time. But it’s good to see another one from Hoo, as the company had a shaky 2022. Pearson had to put the entire project on hiatus in the summer, but things turned around by the fall and Hoo was able to release the V2 into the world and start work on future projects.

Knife in Featured Image: Hoo Knives V3

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