OKC’s Newest Flipper is the CF100

Less than a week to go until SHOT Show and the Ontario Knife Company reveals keep coming. The latest showed off blade by the company is the CF100, an everyday carry folder with a look and materials that deviate from some established OKC norms.

The CF100 gets its name from the carbon fiber insert on the show side scale. Carbon fiber is sometimes employed for its weight-saving benefits, sometimes for its style; the carbon fiber here falls into the latter camp. It is laid into a stainless steel handle that itself has some swagger, with a subtle gray luster that stands out from the usual satin finishes we see on all stainless knives. The off-side scale contains the frame lock mechanism, complete with an overtravel disk. There’s also a deep carry pocket clip in tow, although it appears to be non-reversible.

Looking at the CF100’s blade, we see OKC returning to the flipper deployment they been employing on quite a few recent releases, like the Shikra/Besra knives and the Ultrablue. The blade shape is a wide, handsome spear point, measuring 3.13 inches and full flat ground. Obviously designed for daily cutting jobs, it is made from 14C28N, an entry level nitrogen-enriched stainless with well-rounded performance and maintenance characteristics. There’s also a fuller on the blade that seems to be primarily decorative, although it could aid in an alternative two-hand deployment if a user so chooses.

OKC’s drip feed of new for 2023 knives shows a company striking out in different directions. The brought back their Bushcraft line with a Seax model, introduced MagnaCut into their catalog with the brand new Sports Leisure line, even gave the aforementioned Besra a fixed blade sibling – and more besides. Whether or not there will be more models unveiled in the coming weeks remains to be seen, but the ones we’ve seen so far will be on display next week at SHOT Show.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company CF100

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