Ontario Bushcraft Line Returns with New Seax Model

January is here, which means we can expect a flood of new knives to be shown off shortly as SHOT Show approaches. No surprise that Ontario Knife Company is jumping right into it; OKC spent the entirety of December parceling out incoming 2023 product reveals, and yesterday they showed off the first new knife in January. It’s the revival of their Bushcraft series, with the addition of the Seax model.

The seax is a historical Saxon blade pattern that seems to be gaining a bit of momentum with designers recently. The OKC Bushcraft Seax comes from designer Dan Maragni, a maker with decades of experience in both the production and custom worlds, as well as the the creator of DM1 steel, which we talked about back in 2020 when A.G. Russell Knives used it on their Sandbox Dagger.

Maragni’s take on the seax for OKC reflects the pattern’s protean side; a lot of different-looking blades have been called ‘seaxes’ as the term endured through the years. This one is a broken back seax, meaning the point drops down precipitously from the spine. It’s a striking profile, but it provides a good all-purpose edge, with adequate regions of tip, belly, and straight edge exactly where most users will want them. The 4.34-inch blade is made from 420 steel, so rust resistance should be quite high even if edge retention is not.

Like its compeers, the Seax has scales made of hardwood, which give the simple handle, with its bracketed profile, an air of outdoors rusticity. That profile is carried over wholesale from the other Bushcraft series knives, by the way; and if the Seax follows its predecessors in terms of sheath as well, expect to see a black nylon one included with it.

The list of new for 2023 OKC models is up to six now – and that number may keep growing this month. So far we’ve seen the Magnacut-clad SPL knives, the Besra fixed blade, the Camp Plus EDC folder, and the Stealth tactical knife.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company Bushcraft Seax

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