Ontario Knife Company Adds EDC Folder to Camp Plus Line

We’re getting closer and closer to a new year, which means we’re about start seeing tons of new knives to add to our 2023 wishlists. Ontario Knife Company surprised us this week, taking its place as one of the first out of the new releases gate by showing off the Camp Plus EDC, a daily carry knife modeled after the more specialized Camp Plus folders that came out this year.

We talked about the Camp Plus knives in January, where three folders were added to the previously fixed blade-only line – in fact, the trio were the only folders in OKC’s fleet of 2022 releases. Designed with affordability in mind, the previous Camp Plus folders were non-EDC designs, targeting outdoor food prep roles, and the materials were humble: FRN handle scales and AUS-8 blade steel.

The new Camp Plus EDC is, of course, redesigned for carry and use as an all-purpose cutting tool. To that end OKC outfitted this one with a 3.38-inch clip point blade, a sensible, time-tested choice for day-to-day chore demolishing. Instead of AUS-8, the Camp Plus EDC is made from 420 stainless – arguably a bit of a step down in edge retention. Interestingly, although it looks quite modern, the Camp Plus EDC is opened in a two-hand manner (as were the ’22 folders in the line), with an elongated oval nail mark cut into the show side of the blade.

The handle profile here mimics almost exactly the one seen on the ’22 Camp Plus knives. It has some angular attitude, but ultimately it reads as tame in the hand, capable of fitting multiple grips and hand sizes. Made from FRN, the scales come in three different colors: blue, OD green, or white. There’s a reversible wire pocket clip in tow, and a lock back mechanism between the scales for secure use and retention.

OKC hasn’t given a price for the Camp Plus EDC yet, nor a solid release date; currently they have just said it is slated for a 2023 release.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company Camp Plus EDC

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