Two New Kizer Series Show off Special Materials

Kizer is really driving home its 2022 emphasis on material creativity, with a pair of series featuring existing models decked out in some fresh new ways.

Serape Series

If you follow Kizer on social media, it’s hard not to have taken notice of their new Serape Series. A serape is a traditional Mexican multicolored blanket, either used as a covering or worn over the shoulders. For this series, Kizer took advantage of G-10’s ability to take on any color to create striped scales that echo the vibrant hues of a traditional serape.

The models in the Serape Series are the Towser K, Original, Mini Bay, and Cormoran, a pick of four in-house designs that offer different sizes, blade shapes, and locking mechanisms – or, in the case of the Mini Bay, no lock at all. With a focus on fashion and fun, the Serape models don’t get headlining steel upgrades or anything like that – although all four models have black-coated blades to contrast with the bright handles. And they do come with some additional non-performance related goodies, too: a serape G-10 lanyard bead and dog tag, as well as a serape-themed carrying pouch.

Fatbulous Series

You probably know about Fat Carbon, makers of boutique carbon fiber formulations with all sorts of wild colors and patterns. We’ve seen makers, both custom and production, utilize Fat Carbon materials before, and now Kizer joins in on the fun with this sizeable series of upgraded models with Fat Carbon scales. Unlike the Serape Series, these knives do come with other upgrades beyond the scales – check out the Fat Carbon Cormorant, for example, which comes with a S90V steel blade, or the new, Justin Lundquist-designed Feist XL, which in its Fat Carbon iteration features CPM-20CV. In addition to the Cormorant and Feist XL, the Fat Carbon model selection also includes the Original, Drop Bear, Hic-Cup, and Begleiter 2.

Kizer loves to experiment with material variations like these. In 2022 alone they’ve rolled out a slew of one-off variations through their Kizer Friday Club project, which gives one-time makeovers to various Kizer models. Those Kizer Friday models are explicitly limited editions, but the Serape Series and Fat Carbon models aren’t strictly limited at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Serape Series Original

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