CRKT Finally Releases Non-Limited Edition of Squid II

One of late summer’s biggest surprises was CRKT’s release of the Squid II, a limited edition sequel to the enduringly popular Lucas Burnley collab that fell into its own size class and featured upscale upscale materials. That release was followed by a second Squid II batch, this time with carbon fiber scales; now, just ahead of the holiday season, CRKT has dropped version number three, the Squid II G-10. The new scales give this version a different look, but even more interesting is a distribution difference between this iteration and the previous Squid IIs.

To recap: the Squid II falls right in between the standard Squid and the Squid XM in terms of blade length, with a 2.68 cutting edge. It sticks very close to that instantly recognizable Squid look, with a broad, snubby spear point blade and rounded, compact handle. But whereas both standard versions of the Squid and Squid XM had simple, budget-conscious materials, the Squid II came from an Italian OEM with all the fixings that usually implies, including details like a rounded spine and M390 blade steel. The blade here has been given a dark gray coating, more for looks than corrosion resistance we feel, as M390 shrugs off corrosion quite well.

The Squid II G-10 is the first to have a blade coating

This third Squid II comes with black G-10 scales, contoured in the same manner as the carbon fiber and Micarta scales on the models that it follows. Underneath the scales we see a liner lock, a mechanism that appeared for the first time on any Squid model with the Squid II. The outer elements remain the same, too: the 4.9 oz. Squid II G-10 has the now-familiar non-reversible deep carry pocket clip which, like the hardware, is given a smoky coating to match the blade.

So far, so Squid II; but there’s a key difference between this third release of the model and the two that preceded it. Whereas both the Micarta and CF versions were limited runs (with the Micarta version gone, the CF still available for now), the Squid II G-10 is entering CRKT’s catalog as a standard, unnumbered production model.

The Squid II G-10 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Squid II G-10

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