Black Fox Puck Packs Big Punch for a Little Knife

So far we’ve covered two of the three new Black Fox models from designer Grigorii Matveev. Whether we’ve saved the best for last will be up to personal taste, but we can say for sure we’ve saved the smallest for last: meet the Puck, a modern EDC of adorably compact dimensions.

Look at that little blade! Fox seems to enjoy producing tiny little knives (see their Ka karambit and Skal folders), and the Puck certainly qualifies as tiny. Its bellied-out clip blade measures 1.57-inches long – which, for us, puts it right on the border between backup knife or simply a small all-purpose EDC. At the end of the day it will come down to user preference, of course, but either way that curving main edge and fully functional tip look like they’ll pack quite the cutting punch despite their size. Like the other two Matveev pieces, the blade steel is D2, so edge retention, particularly for a knife doing light cutting chores, should be quite good.

The Puck is a compact little design

The handle on the Puck looks just big enough to provide space for a snug four-finger grip. There isn’t really enough space here for any complicated ergonomic features, and other than the finger guard there aren’t any. Being a liner lock allows the Puck to have full G-10 scales front and back, with a curving frag pattern cut into them for additional traction. The deep carry pocket clip will help the Puck completely disappear into a main or maybe even a watch pocket; the clip is also reversible, so the knife is pretty lefty friendly in that regard.

This is the third and final release in the new trio of Black Fox/Matveev collaboration knives. The other two, which we have covered previously, are the Argus and the Feresa. Matveev is a Russian designer with more than ten years’ experience in the field. He has worked on a few production collaborations before but the Black Fox trio is definitely the largest offering he’s put out so far. The Puck, by the way, bears a strong resemblance to a design in his custom portfolio.

Knife in Featured Image: Black Fox Puck

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