Finch Fixes up New Wharncliffe Flipper

Finch Knife Co. loosed its latest modern traditional into the wild this month. This one is called the Reciprocity, and it houses a very modern take on a traditional knife blade shape within its slender frame.

One good way to identify a knife nerd is if they know the word “wharncliffe.” Almost anybody who has handled knives in their lives has seen a wharnie blade, maybe even intuitively appreciated its utility, but it’s only once you’re bitten by the knife enthusiast bug that you start learning the nomenclature and point out to your non-knife friend the wharncliffe backup blade on their dad’s old pocket knife. The wharnie is one of those blade shapes that has a long history in the knife world, but also saw a resurgence in popularity as modern knife makers returned to it for its striking looks and all-purpose usefulness.

The three handle options available for the Reciprocity.

In that transition makers played with the look and lines of the classic, which is where the Finch Reciprocity and its take on the wharncliffe come in. At 3 inches long it’s not enormous, but there’s a bold exaggeration to its tip, which is drawn out in a pronounced way. Piercing is always a wharncliffe speciality but it seems particularly emphasized on the Reciprocity – and then behind that you’ve got the expected straight edge, adept at zipping through a sizeable gamut of daily cutting obstacles. Finch once again implemented 154CM for the blade steel, so this flipper wharnie should work hard for good while and touch up without drama.

The blade folds into a neat and clean handle, done up in Finch’s usual steel bolster’d style. In another expected Finch feature, there are three different material options for the scales: shredded carbon fiber, mkuruti wood, or a bright blue Tidal Resin, so named for the wave-like pattern on its surface. There is also the sculpted steel pocket clip for carry; the Reciprocity weighs 3.3 oz.

The Reciprocity is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Finch Knife Co. Reciprocity

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