Boker Brings out First Automatic Design from Justin Lundquist

Justin Lundquist recently brought out a new automatic knife, courtesy of a collaboration with Boker. The Alluvial flaunts its Lundquist look in a deployment format that is fresh for the maker.

Automatic knives have had a tactical connotation for a long time. But as time goes on, with more manufacturers trying their hand autos, and, perhaps most importantly here in the U.S. at least, with outdated knife laws loosening, the genre is slowly but steadily making its way into the mainstream, and expanding as it does so.

The Alluvial joins the growing number of automatic knives spec’d specifically for everyday carry – a segment of the auto that Boker has been a major contributor to with things like the Kwaiken autos. The blade shape brings Lundquist’s Reverie (a Kansept collab) to mind, albeit a bit bigger here. The 3.125-inch cutting edge brings enough real estate to encompass any standard EDC job, but doesn’t scale the design up so much that it can’t also be considered a slick, gentlemanly carrt. Arriving with a street price under $100, the Alluvial’s blade is made from D2, Boker’s (and many others’) go-to, hardworking, budget-friendly semi-stainless.

The two-texture handle is not something you see very often

The Alluvial is a single action automatic, which means that the firing mechanism only works to deploy, not close, the knife. Users press the button to launch the blade, and depress it again to disengage the plunger lock for closure. The handle housing all this hardware is made from aluminum, available in black or OD green colors. Always concerned with aesthetics and flow, Lundquist gave the Alluvial a two-tone handle finish, with a satin flat around the button lock and pivot, and an orange peel texture on the lower portion of the handle.

The Alluvial is a BladeHQ exclusive and is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Alluvial

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