Civivi Gives Fans a Button Lock Elementum with a Flipper

With SHOT Show on the horizon, we’re bracing for a barrage of new knives from the big names of the production world – not least of which is We Knife Co. and their Civivi budget label. The company revealed one of their 2023 Civivi models, a renovated Button Lock Elementum with rejiggered specs and a much-requested additional feature.

We’re all familiar with the Elementum at this point; its clean but distinct design, solid materials, and great price embodied the Civivi ethos. So much so that it went on to become the company’s de facto flagship, eventually receiving an absolute cavalcade of variants – one of which was the Button Lock Elementum.

This version didn’t just entail simple swap of locking mechanisms, however; the Button Lock Elementum was significantly bigger than the original, with a 3.47-inch cutting edge. Moreover, the flipper tab was removed, with the intended opening method being to depress the button lock and flick the knife out. Fans have been asking for a more traditional take on a button lock Elementum and now Civivi is delivering.

The pocket clip has also been renovated

That means the blade length is back down to 3 inches and the return of the spine side flipper tab. But the Elementum II Button Lock, as it’s called, swaps out the D2 seen on the classic Elementum for Nitro V, a nitrogen-enriched stainless steel that has been seen on some Civivi models but never on an Elementum model before now.

Other than these changes, and the button lock itself, of course, it’s business as usual on the Elementum II Button Lock for the most part. There is one other minor change, and that’s an upgraded pocket clip, although it functions much the same as the one it replaces, being both loop over and deep carry. The Elementum II Button Lock comes in three different colors of G-10 scales and weighs 3.12 oz.

The Elementum family is by far the biggest product line that Civivi has. The knife even got promoted into the main We Knife Co. line last year, with a premium flavor made from titanium and 20CV steel.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Elementum II Button Lock

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