Jack Wolf Knives Brings S90V into the Line with Low Drag Jack

The first 2023 release from Jack Wolf Knives is the Low Drag Jack, a brand new pattern that sees Jack Wolf working with a high-end super steel for the very first time.

We’ve already covered the unique approach to slipjoints and traditional knife history that forms the Jack Wolf Knives ethos. And if you’re a student of that history, you’ll recognize the Low Drag Jack is a playful riff on two classic slipjoint pattern elements. Perhaps most eye-catching is the blade, a quirky take on the spear point with an exaggerated belly that makes it particularly slicing-happy.

Designer and Jack Wolf founder Benjamin Belkin paired the slicey spear shape with the super steel S90V. S90V isn’t the newest steel on the block, but it was ahead of the curve when it first started circulating and so it can still hang with the big names in current gen powder metallurgy, as it holds a working edge for a long time indeed. This is the first appearance S90V has made in the Jack Wolf line; other recent releases all came made with M390.

The Micarta version of the Low Drag Jack

Moving onto the handle, we see a faithful adaptation of the bullet end profile. It swells from the front to the back, terminating in a symmetrical point on the butt end that looks like the tip of a bullet. Like other Jack Wolf releases, the Low Drag Jack has titanium bolsters on both ends, with covers made from a suite of stylish modern carbon fiber blends (with one Micarta option also available). It weighs just 2.3 oz. and, while it doesn’t come with a clip, the Low Drag Jack does arrive alongside a leather pocket slip to protect it from the rough and tumble nature of loose pocket carry.

The Low Drag Jack is, of course, the first Jack Wolf release of the new year. But the company built up to a pretty consistent release pace in 2022, with a new knife rolling out every month or so by the end of the year. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the next Jack Wolf project in Feburary.

If you want the Low Drag Jack, you don’t have to wait long. It is going up for sale at authorized dealers next Friday, January 13th, at 2pm EST/11am Pacific.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Low Drag Jack

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