Kansept 2021 Catalog Shows off Tons of New Collaborations

After a quiet January and February, Kansept has unveiled its full, new for 2021 catalog. The new knives are all collaborations with outside makers and cover quite a lot of ground.


You can identify the designer of the Reverie just by looking at the elongated titanium bolster: this is the latest production knife from Justin Lundquist. It is a front flipper with a 2.92 drop point blade made from S35VN. There’s a family resemblance between this knife and the Baby Barlow that Lundquist released in 2019, although the Reverie is longer and has a titanium bolster lock mechanism. This knife, like all of Kansept’s 2021 offerings, will be available in multiple configurations, but no matter the trim it weighs 3.2 oz.


Ostap Hel makes his Kansept debut with the Kratos, a large folder inspired by the Greek kopis sword. This folder’s 3.79-inch cutting edge emulates the pronounced curvature of its historical predecessor, but with (comparatively) subtle, modern, utilitarian lines. The titanium frame lock Kratos weighs 5.2 oz.

Wedge and Bevy

Custom maker and production designer Nick Swan is another new name in Kansept’s roster. The Wedge and Bevy are the same smallish, modern traditional design; however, the Wedge uses a back lock mechanism while the Bevy is a lockless slipjoint. Depending on which handle material you choose, your Wedge or Bevy will have either 154CM or S35VN blade steel.


Chris Conaway of Sheepdog Knives is the mind behind the Convict. Its 3.3-inch blade is a wide wharncliffe, with the kind of bold profile lines that define other Conaway knives like the Sheepdog cleaver. A stepped, rectangular thumb lug provides the opening method, and the lock is a titanium frame lock. The Convict weighs 4.06 oz.

Weasel and Foosa

Designer Rolf Helbig, who worked with Kizer in the past on the Pinch, gave Kansept this pair of knives. Both the Weasel and the Foosa are flippers with utility-driven profiles. The Weasel has a 3.12-inch drop point blade, while the Foosa has a 3.06-inch tanto and a more Eastern-inspired, angular handle. Both knives weigh 3 oz. each and have 154CM blade steel.

The Prickle with kiridashi-style blade

Hazakura and Prickle

Ukraine’s Max Tkachuk is adding a second tanto to the 2021 Kansept batch, in the form of the Hazakura. At 3.54 inches long, it has more cutting edge than the Foosa, but just like that knife opens with a flipper. Tkachuk also created the Prickle, a slim EDC with a 3.53 inch blade, available in either a traditional drop point shape or a kiridashi-style angled edge.


Matt Degnan‘s first Kansept design is a stout sheepsfoot-bladed flipper. Its cutting edge runs to 2.92 inches in length, putting this one right in the sweet spot for EDC chores. Available with either plain or black-coated titanium scales, the Steller has S35VN steel.

Knife in Featured Image: Kansept Reverie