Sherif Manganas Makes Knife World Debut with EDC Double Feature

Sherif Manganas is an industrial designer getting ready to make a splash in the knife world, with back-to-back releases from Kubey and Kizer. According to Manganas himself, this incoming duo are the first of many more production knives.

Kubey Velocé

Although Manganas comes from outside the knife world, he knows his makers and says the Velocé was inspired by one of his favorites. “I’ve always been a huge fan of functional art knives; Gustavo Cecchini being my penultimate knife idol. I wanted to create something both beautiful to look at but also be usable for all of my everyday EDC uses.”

Manganas took inspiration from automotive design when creating the Velocé

The Velocé is a large knife with a blade length of 3.94 inches; the drop point shape and forward finger choil give it plenty of utility and control, both of which are key elements in any everyday carry knife. The larger footprint also allowed Manganas to emphasize the artfulness that he admires in Cecchini’s work. “I brought in my taste in automotive styling – something I don’t feel I’ve seen in knives before – and sought to capture the moment a speeding blur passes in front of you; a supercar racing down the road.”

Kizer Grazioso

Compared to the Veloce, the Grazioso is significantly smaller – but Manganas still had size in mind as a driving concept. “I’m a sucker for a good gentleman’s knife, but frustrated that nearly no production gentleman’s knives are designed for men with XL hands,” he says. “So I drew upon my love of Jerry Moen and Brad Southard to capture my take on my ideal gentleman’s knife.”

The Bladesmith Grazioso, with CF and S35VN

Thus the Grazioso’s handle is roomy, with gentle contours indicating, but not dictating, where to hold it. The knife’s blade length is 3.25 inches, and its shape is a recurved drop point. Manganas is unapologetic about his implementation of a recurve here, despite the sharpening difficulties the can pose for some: “I feel most people acknowledge that recurves work functionally,” he tells us. “The principles behind the design are sound and have been tested over and over throughout knife making history.”

In terms of finishing, the Grazioso is coming out in both Bladesmith and Vanguard variants so users can pick a version that suits their budget. The Bladesmith Grazioso is a titanium frame lock, with carbon fiber 2/3 scales and S35VN steel; the Vanguard model sports a liner lock, Micarta scales, and N690 steel.

The Vanguard Grazioso

Manganas made his entry into the knife world in 2019. A student of industrial design in general, he wants to bring some of the less tangible aspects of that discipline into his knife design work. “How does a thing feel, how does it sound, what kind of emotions does it instill in the user? These considerations are what make, for example, Ferrari that brand that everybody fantasizes about owning,” says Manganas. “I have been working to integrate my understanding of these factors and bring them to bear in the knife market to make knives that are both beautiful but hit all the right ‘feels,’ which will make you use that tool for life.”

Manganas has some major plans for 2021 and beyond, with an additional six models lined up with Kubey alone, not to mention collaborations with several custom makers. “I’ve been very blessed thus far with my work in the knife industry,” he says. “The community has been extremely supportive and the feedback overwhelmingly positive.”

Knife in Featured Image: Kubey Velocé