Morgan Koens Rolls out New Folder with Bestech

Custom fixed blade maker Morgan Koens has drawn up a folding knife for Bestech. The Togatta’s specs and style translate Koens fixed blade concepts into a folding format, and it falls into the premium bracket of the Bestech catalog.

One thing we almost always ask fixed blade makers during interviews is, “Do you have plans for a folder?” When we asked Koens this question back in 2016, he told us he was working on a titanium frame lock folder. That might have been the Keen Bowie, a limited release folder that came out a little over a year ago; the Togatta echoes that design in lots of ways. Its fiercesome-looking blade measures 3.74 inches long and blends elements of the bowie clip point and American tanto blade shapes. Its secondary edge also has a secondary bevel, and the decorative fuller echoes a common visual embellishment on Koens’s fixed blades.

As a premium-level Bestech, the Togatta is outfitted with an appropriately high-performance steel: M390. It opens with an ambidextrous thumb stud; the wider end of the fuller could function as a secondary, two-hand method of opening, but doesn’t see intended to work in that way; rather it echoes the kinds of aesthetic fuller Koens plays with on many of his custom blades.

The Togatta’s lock side and pocket clip

By way of contrast, the Togatta’s showy, angular handle profile differs from Koens’s more utilitarian fixed blade handle designs. Its handle’s angles are even more pronounced than the Keen’s. The Togatta is a titanium frame lock, with the requisite steel insert; both of its scales have inlays, which can be of several different materials: G-10, carbon fiber, or canvas Micarta. The Togatta’s pocket clip is made from sculpted titanium, and in total the knife weighs a reasonable 4.9 oz.

The Togatta is arriving with dealers now, and Koens tell us that we can expect more production stuff from him in the future. More designs are in the works with other companies, so stay tuned.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Togatta