Kizer Releases Multifunctional Catshark Model

Kizer has a fresh folder on the way, called the Catshark. The Catshark is a collaboration between two Kizer designers; it lands in the light EDC genre, but spices it up with some multifunctionality.

The Catshark’s blade, measuring 1.95 inches, is drawn in a simple snub-nosed drop point shape. It’s best suited to the small, mundane cutting jobs of an urban EDC. N690Co steel, an unambitious but reliable all-arounder, lends the Catshark the balanced characteristics desirable in that genre. Heavier chores are best left to other knives, especially as the Catshark’s is a non-locking blade. The non-locking nature and blade length also make the Catshark an EU-friendly carry.

There are some other functions hidden around the Catshark. The titanium off-side scale is longer than the show side, which allows for the inclusion of a hex wrench, lanyard hole, and enough length for some (very) minor prying. Additionally, if you opt for the front flipper model, the flipper tab functions as a bottle opener; the standard spine-side flipper variant’s tab doesn’t have any other functionality. If you want to give either model of the Catshark a little more muscle, the included fire rod can be inserted through a hole near the pivot to temporarily “lock” the blade in place.

Despite these added features, the actual ergonomic profile of the Catshark is dead simple: compact and unadorned, with a forward groove on the blade providing more control and finger room. It has a deep carry pocket clip and either a Micarta or G-10 front scale for the standard or front flipper models, respectively.

The Catshark comes to us from Azo Mai, a well-known Kizer designer, and Yeu Dong, known as Doctor_EDC online and head of Kizer R & D. Dong has already shown off some other designs he has in the works, some of which feature technical innovations like the Catshark.

The Catshark itself is arriving with dealers now. Although technically revealed at the end of last year, it is leading the charge for what appears to be a small batch of 2021 releases. Stay tuned for more coverage of these forthcoming blades.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Catshark