StatGear SwissLinQ Keeps Classic Swiss Army Knives Handy

StatGear is following up their popular SwissQlip with the SwissLinQ, a new carry solution for some of the most popular 58mm Swiss Army Knife models.

The SwissQlip, which StatGear introduced in 2019, addressed a common request amongst SAK users for a more convenient way to carry their tools. As an attachable pocket clip, the SwissQlip only worked with the larger 91mm models. “Since our release of the SwissQlip…we’ve been inundated with requests for a better way to carry the 58mm models,” explains StatGear CEO Avi Goldstein.

But the 58mm size class knives are so small that adding a full-size pocket clip would bulk up the design too much. So StatGear went a different route and created the patent pending SwissLinQ. “Since their size is well suited for a keychain carry, we decided to upgrade the way it is carried on a keychain so that you could easily remove from your keyring without having to use your tool with your keys awkwardly hanging off it,” Goldstein says.

The idea is simple: the SwissLinQ is a crescent-shaped “sheath” for the 58mm SAKs; the knife can be withdrawn from the SwissLinQ when it’s needed, and snapped back in when the job’s done. This first SwissLinQ works with four SAK models: the Classic, Classic SD, Rally, and Jetsetter; Goldstein tells us that SwissLinQs for other SAKs will eventually follow. “We are planning to expand the SwissLinQ line for other Victorinox sizes and models such as the Alox editions.”

While the last few StatGear projects have been geared toward the accessory market, Goldstein also revealed that some new folding knives will be available in the near future. “StatGear has several new products in different stages of development at the moment, including two new versions of our popular Ausus Knife which we hope to release within the first half of 2021.”

The SwissLinQ project is up on Kickstarter now. Its very modest goal has already been surpassed, and the estimated delivery date for backer orders is February 2021.

Featured Image: StatGear SwissLinQ

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