Kizer Scales Up Sheepdog Cleaver

In the ramp up to Blade Show 2019 Kizer Cutlery has showcased an incoming new release: a bigger version of the C01 Sheepdog flipper knife, called the Sheepdog XL.

The Sheepdog, designed by Chris Conway of Sheepdog Knives, has become one of the standbys in Kizer’s catalog. Available in multiple configurations, it tapped into the trend for cleaver-style blades in a big way. The standard Sheepdog has a blade length of 3.25 inches, and Kizer also released a Mini variant with a 2.6 blade.

With the XL, the company is taking the well-loved knife into a significantly bigger size category. On the XL we’re looking at a blade length of 3.93 inches – a gain of nearly 3/4 of an inch compared to the standard Sheepdog. When the XL is open, its overall length measures 9.28 inches. Moving the Sheepdog into this extra large category has of course bumped the weight up, too: 9.16 oz. For reference, the standard titanium Sheepdog weighs 6.15 ounces, and the G-10 Mini comes in at 3.2 oz.

Currently, Kizer offers the Sheepdog in several configurations. There is the Mini version, which is a liner lock, has G-10 scales, and comes with a 154CM blade. The premium Sheepdog makes the expected upgrades: S35VN steel, titanium handle scales and clip, and a frame lock. So far, the XL has only been showcased in the simpler configuration, retaining the same materials, blade steel, and ball bearing flipper opening.

Kizer says the Sheepdog XL will be arriving with dealers next week.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Sheepdog XL

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