Krudo Knives Emphasizes Art with FEROCE Folder

KRUDO Knives is moving into a new phase of its development with the release of the FEROCE folder. The knife signals a move away from traditional tactical knife design while maintaining a focus on use-ready end products.

Among other things, the FEROCE was an exercise in style for company Founder Louis Krudo. He wanted to play to the visual appeal of curved lines in the handle while still creating something that was ergonomic. Further, Krudo embellished the knife’s 3.5 inch 9Cr18MoV blade with a series of unconventional grinds, a flourish he also implemented on the REVOLUTE. “[The FEROCE] has a smooth visual curve, a unique blade grind, and a comfortable feel when holding it,” summarizes Krudo. In another step towards a more artistic final product, the frame lock FEROCE is the first KRUDO knife to feature a copper inlay – purely an aesthetic touch. “As copper ages it will patina, which will add to the visual appeal.”

When he showcased his first two 2019 releases in January, Krudo told us about the growing artistic drive behind his knife designs. Visually, there’s no doubt the FEROCE is different from early KRUDO knives, which were more clearly tactical designs. “I am going with a different design flow, I am calling it ‘Functionality Meets Pocket Art,'” Krudo says. He tells us that moving the company from Florida to Arizona helped inspire the change in visual direction. “I had the opportunity of visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West School of Architecture. That trip asserted that I was on the right direction of moving away from a perceived ‘tactical’ look.”

Although Krudo is developing his own individual style, he clarifies that his focus still remains on functional end products. The FEROCE, for instance, features the same five-way Multi-Blade Deployment system seen on most KRUDO releases. “Ultimately, my designs will still remain structurally the same, but with an added artistic appeal and without losing the performance,” he tells us.

Krudo also advises us to expect more releases throughout the rest of the year and into 2020: more folders, more fixed blades, and more non-knife gear like pens and wallets. The FEROCE may even get a fixed blade version some day. “2019-2020 will be another interesting year for us,” Krudo concludes.

The FEROCE is available for preorder now. It is expected to arrive in the summer.

Knife in Featured Image: KRUDO Knives FEROCE