Benchmade Shrinks Down Vallation Assisted Opener

Benchmade has shown off the new 427 Mini Vallation, a smaller version of the 407 Vallation model released last year. This shrunk-down sequel brings the original’s dimensions down into EDC territory.

The Mini Vallation scales the blade down to 3.2 inches – that’s about half an inch shorter than the original’s 3.7-inch blade. The knife’s overall profile measures 7.67 inches and its smaller proportions result in a weight of 4.58 oz.; these proportions result in a weight of 4.58 oz.; to compare, the full size Vallation is 8.76 inches long and tips the scales at 6.38 oz.

As is the case with other up- and downscaled versions of Benchmade models, the fundamental design and material choices remain the same with the Mini Vallation. The linear aluminum handle with the palm swell in the middle is present and accounted for, as are the over-the-top pocket clip, S30V blade steel, and AXIS Assist mechanism – a lock that functions like a manual AXIS but with the addition spring-aided opening. Along the spine a safety slider can be engaged to prevent accidental openings.

The Mini Vallation is the second new Benchmade product announced this month. The company told us earlier this month that the Proper line is getting a premium extension.

Like the original Vallation, the Mini comes in two blade configurations: plain edged and satin finished, or partially serrated and coated. The plain/satin configuration has an MSRP of $245, while the partially serrated/coated model costs $260 MSRP.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Mini Vallation