FOBOS Knives Launches Brand with Tier 1 Mini

FOBOS Knives is preparing to break onto the tactical knife scene with the release of the Tier 1 Mini. The new fixed blade merges an ergonomics-focused interpretation of the tactical genre to an EDCable size class.

“To create a tactical fixed blade and have it stand out is really challenging,” says FOBOS Founder Erik Hansen. “In that world I see a lot of repeats.” He drew up the Tier 1 Mini as a breath of fresh air, with a major focus on ergonomics. Hansen’s interpretation of good fixed blade ergos revolves around a very specific type of grip. “The knife is designed to be held across the callus line, high on the pinky and low on the index finger,” he explains. “This allows for intricate movement and a rock solid grip.”

Hansen worked out a simple but robust 4 inch drop point blade for the Tier 1 Mini, further blending the tactical hard use with everyday practical. The tip grind, for instance, has been substantially reinforced. “It brings five lines right up to the tip. It is really functional and can take a tremendous amount of abuse,” he says. Hansen used CPM-154 as blade steel for the Tier 1 Mini, heat treated to the harder end of the scale at 61-62 Rockwell. “Some might worry that’s too hard. But we cryogenically stabilize it to maintain the toughness, and it holds its edge much longer now,” Hansen says. The 22-degree edge has been left slightly beefy on purpose. The convex-ground blade will slice true out of the box, but can be thinned down according to users’ preferences. “Many people like to reprofile as soon as they buy a knife,” Hansen tells us. “So we kept it at 22 degrees and left the final decision to the customer.”

The Tier 1 Mini also features another enthusiast-friendly feature that Hansen calls ‘crosstalk.’ “With crosstalk, customers can buy, swap, sell, and trade scales as long as the handles are in the same category,” he explains. Hansen expects it to play a major role across other releases in the FOBOS product line.

It is Hansen’s hope that the Tier 1 Mini and its particular set of features will make a statement, one that the FOBOS brand will follow up on with future releases. Another 6-8 knives are slated to be out by the end of the year. Hansen says the next two we will see are a full-size version of the Tier 1, and then another mid-size offering called El Patagonia. Next after these are the MKB-7, a larger fixed blade, and a knife called the Tier 1 Ring-Blade. Two folders are already in the works, a frame lock knife and an overbuilt back lock. Hansen even envisages some models with A-2 steel for those who want a FOBOS knife at a lower price point. He tells us that he hopes to establish his new brand in different segments of the knife world. “I think we’re going to fit well across multiple markets.”

Knife in Featured Image: FOBOS Knives Tier 1 Mini