Shirogorov Introduces New NeOn Zero Flipper

Shirogorov is bringing out the NeOn Zero, the latest addition to its NeOn lineup. It takes the recognizable look of the NeOn Lite and tweaks it with a series of subtle refinements that add up to a fresh model in the NeOn lineup.

The NeOn Lite profile is a familiar one in the premium production folder market. Shirogorov earned tons of fans with this high-end, streamlined, modern take on the flipper EDC knife; it has arguably informed the design of many knives that have come out since. While the Zero obviously retains the overall look of the NeOn Lite, it stands on its own thanks to a comprehensive list of subtle, but important changes. “The Zero is a continuation of our [NeOn] Lite model, and has been heavily reworked compared to the Lite,” notes a translated post from the Shirogorov forums, sent to KnifeNews by company representative Tom.

In terms of performance-affecting changes, the biggest adjustments were made to the blade itself. According to the post it is completely, if subtly, different from the blade on the Lite. “The only thing that actually remained the same is the flipper tab,” the post notes. The Zero’s blade comes with more belly and less straight edge, and its point is more dramatically dropped than that of its predecessor.

“The backspacer now also protrudes past the rear edge of the handle, which allowed us to better expose the lanyard hole, and seat a longer blade in the Zero,” the post goes on to relate. Thus in terms of blade length the Zero shows a .3 inch increase over the Lite. The cutting edge length is 3.5 inches, and blade steel is M390.

New texturing on the raised backspacer and a relocated sculpted titanium pocket clip mark two of the tweaks made to the ergonomics of the knife. The groove for the index finger has been enlarged, and additional chamefering has been added throughout the handle. “We have milled in extensive reliefs to save weight,” the post also explains. “This resulted in NeOn Zero weighing in less than a NeOn Lite, though Zero is bigger than Lite.” The NeOn Zero comes to users with a weight of 2.96 oz.

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