KnifeNews Introduces Knife Gripes Starring Nick Shabazz

KnifeNews is pleased to announce a brand new weekly video editorial opinion segment called Knife Gripes that will star YouTuber and gear reviewer Nick Shabazz. Knife Gripes will take an unvarnished look at the knife world by one of its most astute critics. “I hope, whether people agree with me or just think I’m nuts, that Knife Gripes might start some conversations in the community, and just maybe, help to make the knife world a bit more beautiful,” Shabazz says.

In a recent survey of fellow knife YouTubers, Shabazz was voted the number one knife YouTube channel. His unforgettable voice and candid views have made him a contemporary source of opinion for knife buyers of all stripes. “Nick is one of the fastest growing knife reviewers on YouTube today and for good reason,” says KnifeNews founder Alex Antoniou. “He calls it like he sees it.”

On YouTube, Shabazz typically reviews a new knife in a 10 to 20 minute in-depth video. In contrast, each week on Knife Gripes, Shabazz will deliver a video rant covering a specific knife related topic in under four minutes.

“I’m thrilled to be able to work with KnifeNews on this project, especially when given free reign to speak my mind,” Shabazz says. Shabazz will maintain editorial control of Knife Gripes to ensure the show conveys his views with the same candor that defines his YouTube channel.

“We focus on covering the news and shy away from offering our own opinions,” Antoniou says. “Knife Gripes will provide our readers with more content that is both informative and entertaining. A critical voice has been missing and working with Nick is the best way to fill the gap.”

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Knife Gripes will appear alongside the same great KnifeNews content and the show debuts on Tuesday, February 21st.

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