Larger Rike Hummingbird Leaves the Roost

Rike Knives is bringing out the Hummingbird Plus, a larger version of the original, mini Hummingbird knife. The Hummingbird Plus brings the look of its teeny predecessor forward into a scaled-up, full-size EDC package.

The original Hummingbird was one of several mini knives that Rike made; as a statement of intent from the then-new company, these blades had both collector and EDC appeal. The Hummingbird Mini had an overall length of just 3.97 inches; the Hummingbird Plus reaches most of that length in just blade alone, with a cutting edge that runs to 3.54 inches. It has the same all-purpose, sweeping drop point blade shape, but with the bump up in size the range of possible cutting chores expands, making the Plus a complete EDC package. A cutout on the blade can function as an opening option, but the Hummingbird Plus is primarily a flipper.

Rike’s handle design for the Hummingbirds Mini was simple: a pronounced guard and finger groove, gentle swell in the middle of the handle, and a tapering toward the back end. Not much has been changed on the Plus; the biggest difference is the implementation of a liner lock instead of a titanium frame lock and the absence of the hummingbird wing handle cutouts (although they are referenced by some fancy machining on the show side scale). The Hummingbird Plus weighs 4.58 oz.

Although significantly bigger than the Hummingbird Mini, the Plus actually arrives at about the same price thanks to the changes in materials. As a liner lock, the Plus comes with scales made from either G-10 or carbon fiber as opposed to titanium; and rather than a Damasteel blade the steel here is the less glamorous, more work-oriented N690Co.

There’s been something of a push from Rike to create more affordable products lately. In addition to the Hummingbird Plus, the recently-debuted Tulay (previously known as the Batman) sought to bring integral handle construction into a more affordable price bracket.

The Hummingbird Plus is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Rike Hummingbird Plus