Leatherman Arc is the First Multitool with a MagnaCut Blade

Leatherman dropped a brand new, high-end multitool this week, called the Arc. The Arc is packed with enthusiast-level choices, from its opening mechanisms to the steel choice for its main blade.

There’s a lot of overlap between knife and multitool users, of course. But beyond that overlap, there’s a contingent of hardcore MT enthusiasts whose expectations with regarding multifunctional tools are just as demanding as those of the most stringent, super steel-obsessed knife nerd. We imagine it’s hard, if not impossible, for a single multitool to please everyone in that group, then, but the Arc looks like an attempt to make a real, hobbyist-approved crowdpleaser.

The full spread of tools on the Arc

The tool set, beyond the main blade, which we’ll go to below, encompasses a broad spectrum daily utility ethos. There are 20 tools in all, and some of the standouts include spring-loaded scissors, swappable bit drivers, an awl, and a large, diamond-coated file. The Arc’s name, however, comes from a unique feature related to opening the pliers: instead of the usual two-handed, turn the handle method of deploying the pliers, the Arc can be flipped open one-handed, almost like a balisong, thanks to magnet-based retention components.

Now, about the main blade. The Arc is making history as the first multitool with a blade made from (drumroll please) MagnaCut. Leatherman has implemented super steels on certain models before, but never something as current gen cutting edge as MagnaCut. That puts the Arc’s 2.76-inch blade, peformance-wise, up there with anything you’d find in a modern folding knife (albeit without the same construction and ergonomic profile as a dedicated folder, of course).

In terms of carry, the 8.6 oz. Arc comes with both a pocket clip and a nylon sheath.

It is available now.

Multitool in Featured Image: Leatherman Arc

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