Spyderco Reveal 14 Shows New Sal Glesser Design and Many Steel Options

Well this is a pleasant surprise: Spyderco just released its final Reveal of the year. There’s a lot to go over here, including a new Sal Glesser design and a variant of the Para Military 2 that should please the knife steel nerds out there.


Sal Glesser, co-founder of Spyderco, has been churning out incredible designs for literal decades – and the Bodacious is the latest one. This is a rugged-looking knife with a wide blade profile, but, at 3.48 inches long, it’s not as big as you might guess. The blade steel is S30V, the simple, nearly guardless handle made from G-10, and there’s a Compression Lock on the back doing security duty.

MagnaCut Salt Models

You probably figured we’d be saying “MagnaCut” at some point, right? Well, Spyderco officially inducted the super steel into its maritime-inflected Salt series. The headliner is the MagnaCut Para Military 2, which is undeniably a chocolate/peanut butter combo: one of Spyderco’s most popular knives with the most talked about knife steel of the last few years at least. MagnaCut Salt models of the Para 3, Manix 2, and Native Chief are also on the way.

More Salt Models

Not all the new Salt stuff is in MagnaCut, however. The Native Chief is also rolling out with an LC200N option, and then there’s this new Stretch 2 XL. This guy, biggest folder in the Salt lineup, is made from H-2, the sequel to H-1, the rustproof steel that kicked off the entire Salt series to begin with.

Other Steel Variants

Beyond the MagnaCut stuff, beyond the other Salt additions, there’s even more steel variants on the way. The Military 2, Para 3, Manix 2, and Manix 2 XL are all getting Micarta scale’d, CruWear bladed flavors – all of which, by the way, are standard models, not limited editions. The Sage 5 LW is rolling out with Maxamet, and, last but not least, all three Military models get another steel option: 110V for the Military 2, and SPY27 for the Paras 2 and 3.


Spyderco has returned to its Flash Batch concept with a collaboration model with LionSteel, who did production duties on this one. As the name implies, this is a Spydercoified version of the Myto, one of LionSteel’s semi-recent releases. It has M398 blade steel, a Micarta front scale, and a full titanium back scale with a frame lock.

Two New Sprints

In addition to the extra limited Flash Batch SpyMyto, there’s also two ‘standard’ sprint runs on the way. There’s the retro throwback Catcherman, a model that hearkens all the way back to 1992, complete with the integral FRN pocket clip and square volcano texturing. The blade steel has been upgraded to LC200N, so if this collectible gets put to use it will perform as well as it ever has, if not better. Meanwhile, the Military 2 sprint is dressed up in carbon fiber scales and S90V steel.

Lil’ Native Lightweight

The baby bear in the Native lineup is the latest knife to get LWified, which should make it as convenient to carry as its ever been. The Lil’ Native LW comes with CTS-BD1 blade steel and weighs just 1.5 oz.

HIC Mule Team

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how interesting the incoming Mule Team release is. It will be made from HIC, or High-Impact Ceramic, a special ceramic formulation fortified with zirconia to make it tougher, in addition to the high performance characteristics that ceramic blades already offer.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Bodacious

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