Chuck Gedraitis Reimagines Smatched Fixed Blade as a Modern Folder

[UPDATED 4/22/21: Edits made to correctly attribute the design of the Pocket Smatchet to Chuck Gedraitis]

Our last two stories on Böker’s new for 2021 knives focused on collaborations with outside makers Jesper Voxnaes and Lucas Burnley. For this last piece we’re taking a look at two more folders, the Kaizen and a folding version of the famous Smatchet fixed blade.

Pocket Smatchet

The Pocket Smatchet is based on the legendary fixed blade of the same name. Böker has been the premier production manufacturer of that design, and now they’ve partnered with custom maker Chuck Gedraitis for a folding version.

The Pocket Smatchet retains the fixed blade’s iconic, leaf-dagger blade shape, albeit shrunk down to a pocketable 3.74 inches. Obviously, this is a single-edged iteration, made from VG-10 and opened via ambidextrous thumb disk. The size reduction changes the Pocket Smatchet’s particular remit but it retains a hard use, tactical element for sure. In terms of other materials, it falls onto the higher end of the Böker Plus lineup, with a sculpted pocket clip and green canvas micarta scales. Pocket clip or no, the Folding Smatchet is still a hefty boy at 7.03 oz.


The Kaizen is the latest design from Böker to find inspiration in the look and feel of Eastern swords. Its Japanese tanto showcases the way in this martial blade shape can become an EDC cutter when appropriately resized – in this case down to 3.03 inches. Böker made this blade from D2 steel, and it opens exclusively via a low profile front flipper tab.

This style of opening method means that the Kaizen’s blade is almost completely concealed in the handle upon closing. The handle itself is made from G-10 with stainless steel liners (including the off-side locking leaf). The knife weighs 1.62 oz. and carries with a low-profile pocket clip.

Both the Kaizen and the Pocket Smatchet to be available in March.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Pocket Smatchet