Limited Edition ZT0450 Comes Clad in Vibrant Carbon Fiber

A limited edition of a longstanding Zero Tolerance favorite arrived with dealers this week. The ZT 0450CFDAMS goes all in on showstopping visuals, with a damascus blade and striking showside handle scile, while keeping the classic Dmitry Sinkevich design perfectly preserved underneath the bling.

It’s been a while since we’ve had occasion to mention the 0450, but back when this one released it was the talk of the town. It was one of several collaborations between Zero Tolerance and Dmitry Sinkevich – a partnership that was key in ushering in the new age of ZT, where the company tempered its penchant for overbuilt blades with features long asked for by the community, refining the character of their knives without sacrificing it. The 0450 in particular targeted the EDC crowd, with a 3.25-inch blade in a compact and cool 2.9 oz. frame. Upon its release, the 0450 became one of those knives that appeared on just about every gear reviewer’s table, and to this day it is a bestseller for ZT.

Sometimes with limited editions of popular models, the manufacturer aims at increased performance; other times, it’s all about pumping up the style; this 0450 falls into the latter camp, and that’s obvious at a glance. The blade here is rendered in stainless damascus from Vegas Forge, a shop located appropriately enough in Sin City. It’s unclear which Vegas Forge pattern is used here, but all their various stainless damascuses utilize a small corral of recognizable steels for the cutting edge – CPM-154, AEB-L, 440C; if you’re grabbing this 450 performance is probably a secondary concern, but it’s good to know you’ll get something functional as well as beautiful.

Meanwhile, the front scale, normally a handsome but subdued slab of titanium, has been replaced by a vibrant, roiling piece of red/orange/black marbled multi-carbon fiber. It looks to us like the marbled paper you see in old, collectible books; striking stuff to be sure, and it actually does have a bit of an impact on performance, at least on a theroetical level, as this version of the 0450 is .2 oz. lighter than the standard ti flavor; you’d probably be hard-pressed to notice the difference, but it is there.

The 0450CFDAMS is available now from select dealers.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0450CFDAMS

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