Recent Boker Release Aims to be Carryable All Over the World

Boker whipped up another entry into the relatively underserved genre of “international knife laws compliant” folders with the Worldwide 2.0. This one does its best to satisfy the modern knife buyer’s tastes while keeping its dimensions and design as globally legal as possible.

In general, aiming for broad legal carry means two things: you need to have a shorter blade, and you need to forgo a locking mechanism. The Worldwide 2.0’s blade measures 2.52 inches, so it check the first box without sacrificing too much in terms of its cutting ability when it comes to mundane, day-to-day stuff – things that most of us use most of our knives for, most of the time. We’ve got a handsome puukkoid drop point blade with a big ol’ fuller. That fuller will help with deployment which, of course, is two-hand only – so consider the second ‘world carry’ box ticked, too.

Blade steel is a Boker oldie, 440C. It’s not just a Boker oldie, honestly; 440C’s history goes back over 100 years, and, in our current super steel era, it has been relegated to the budget knife steel category, in which it does not perform at the top of its class either. However, it’s a sensible choice, especially when taking into account both the Worldwide 2.0’s intended purpose and sub-$50 price tag. Edge retention is not great, but it sharpens up with ease, can take a modicum of abuse, and is extremely rust resistant. That last characteristics is further bolstered here by the presence of a blackwash blade finish; you’d have to work at getting this one to rust, I think.

Ergonomics-wise, the Worldwide 2.0’s handle is a classic arcing profile, with a nice curved area for your fingers to wrap around and hard angles on the narrowing butt end. The scales are made from dark green G-10, and there’s a deep carry pocket clip (also with a blackwash) that can be swapped to either side or removed entirely. It weighs 3.04 oz.

The Worldwide 2.0 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Worldwide 2.0

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