New Tactile Knife Co. Folder Sports the SNECX Superlock

Some good news to end the week on: Tactile Knife Co. just unveiled its latest model, the Chupacabra. The incoming folder caters to enthusiast users and collectors, with highly capable EDC specs and a lock on loan from none other than SNECX Tan.

Sizewise, the Chupacabra falls right in between the larger Maverick and the smaller Rockwall, with a blade length of 3.3 inches. The modified sheepsfoot shape does all the necessary EDC stuff, including piercing thanks to the raised tip. It’s a thumb stud opener, and the blade steel, in a move that will surprise exactly no one, is CPM MagnaCut, so the materials here are enthusiast-approved for sure.

A look at the clip on the Chupacabra

Also enthusiast-approved is the locking mechanism, which is Tactile Knife Co.’s first ever Superlock. The Superlock, designed by SNECX Tan (who first came to prominence with the IFS-20, an absolutely legendary knife assembled without a single screw), has been implemented on a few production knvies before now, most notably the WE/Civivi Vision models and the super premium Sandrin Knives Torino. The Superlock is a spine-side lock, made for hard work and disengaged by pulling on the raised toggle piece; like the Axis Lock, it is innately ambidextrous, although the deep carry pocket clip is right side only.

The Chupacabra is also the first Tactile release with aluminum handle scales, laid over steel liners and held together with titanium hardware. The aluminum scales have sensible chamfering around their edges and have been given a handsome, subdued black anodization – the only color available, although you are able to choose between a tumbled or a satin finish on the Chupacabra’s blade.

It’s always cool to see a new knife from Texas-based Tactile; even cooler is that you won’t have to wait long at all to get your hands on this one. The Chupacabra is releasing next Thursday, April 11th. You can sign up on the Chupacabra product page to be emailed as soon as they’re available on that day.

Knife in Featured Image: Tactile Knife Co. Chupacabra

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