Kombou Graces Bestech with New Seraph Folder

The indefatigable Grzegorz Grabarski, AKA Kombou, has another premium Bestech collaboration piece on the way, called the Seraph. This folder goes big, both in terms of its general dimensions and its overall aesthetic.

The visual impact of the Seraph comes from its whole, rather than its parts, but each part is striking on its own as well. To start with, look at that blade: at 3.66 inches it finds itself in the large EDC designation for us (although individual users’ mileage will vary on that front). The crisp dropped spine and fuller give it an exotic look, but at heart this is a pure, textbook drop point, with straight edge, belly, and strong tip all present and accounted for. It’s going to bring a lot of cutting horsepower to the table, and should readily chew through the expanded EDC task-range, especially backed up as it is by Bestech’s favored M390 blade steel.

Close up of the hard line details on the frame lock side

Opened via flipper, the Seraph’s blade folds into a handle that is its equal when it comes to pure aesthetic charisma. Made from titanium, it’s thin and arcing, with both scales emblazoned with the sinuous, multilevel linework that unites many of Kombou’s designs, big and small. On the off-side of the Seraph this sculpting takes on some harder angles than usual around the frame lock bar, with a ‘sub-look’, if you will, that seems more technological than organic (as is usually the case with Kombou designs).

Two other standout flourishes to note here. First is the oversized ‘pivot collar;’ we hit that with quotation marks because it’s really not so much a collar as it is an XL-sized piece of pivot hardware in general, but it brings collars to mind, albeit on a grander scale. Then there’s the pocket clip: sculpted from titanium, as is often the case on these high-end Bestech models, its wide, angled profile melds perfectly into the embellishments on the handle proper; it can almost be hard to see that there is a clip, in pictures, but it is there and ready to use.

The Seraph is listed as “Coming Soon.” Shouldn’t be too long before it’s available.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Seraph

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