Liong Mah Brings the Lanny Back for 2020

The Lanny v2, a gently revised version of one of the most beloved Liong Mah Designs, is getting ready to roll out.

Mah is always driven by a utility-oriented philosophy, but likes to find ways to incorporate unexpected shapes and profiles into that ethos. When the Lanny came out in 2017, it was a comparatively subdued design for Mah, but still showcased that hybrid work/style approach. It was obviously inspired by the famous Lanny’s Clip design from Tony Bose, but updated in a multitude of ways – most drastically in terms of the blade shape. Mah transitioned away from the clip point of the original into a compound-ground tanto.

In bringing this model out again as one of LMD’s 2020 offerings, Mah kept most things the same. “The Lanny is one of my most popular models,” he says. “Everyone who has handled it is immediately in love with the action and feel of this knife. For 2020, it was difficult to try and change a knife that has won the praises of so many.” So this new Lanny retains the overall dimensions and look of its predecessor, including the 3.25-inch tanto, which can be opened with a flipper or the groove in the blade. The ball bearing pivot showcases one of the most notable upgrades over the first version: the new SHIELD pivot, which answers a common customer request for captured pivot hardware. All of the hardware is made from stainless steel and opening and closing the Lanny should be better than ever. “The action in these new Lanny is even smoother,” Mah notes. “And as usual, everyone loves the hand ground clip point tanto blade.”

Mah also changed up the finish on the Lanny’s handle: “We have done a wire wheel finish that is bead blasted for a more subdued look,” he tells us. “For the handle material choices there is sculpted, textured titanium, marbled carbon fiber, green canvas Micarta, and burlap Micarta.” Also, southpaws will be happy to know that this time there will be lefty models available as well.

The Lanny v2 will lead the charge for an increased pace of releases for the back half of 2020. Between now and the end of the year we should see an additional seven knives, including the new KUF models and the 18, an integral-handled statement piece that commemorates Mah’s 18th year in the knife biz.

The Lanny v2 will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Liong Mah Designs Lanny v2