New Designer Joins Real Steel with Lightweight Slicer

Real Steel is welcoming a new knife maker into the ranks with their latest release, the RealSlim. This lightweight, mid-size folder comes to us from the mind of German designer Helmut Jermer.

The RealSlim has interesting features throughout, but the dominating visual element is most certainly the blade. It is a modified, curving sheepsfoot/Nessmuk shape that measures 3.2 inches. A traditional Nessmuk fixed blade is made for outdoors use, but the RealSlim’s blade aims for EDC and heightened slicing performance, further aided by a thin .08″ blade stock and VG-10 blade steel. You open the blade with an elongated thumb cutout; this opening method precludes the possible slicing interference a thumb stud could cause and, also, lightens the blade a little bit.

Indeed cutting down on weight was clearly a core concept for Jermer in this design. When you hear that a knife features an all steel frame lock construction, you brace for a hefty end product; but by keeping every element as thin and light as possible, Jermer delivered a mid-size, all stainless steel knife that weighs a mere 1.98 oz. The handle itself is unique visually as well as mechanically, with a grooved, ergonomic profile that mirrors the blade shape; when the knife is closed, all that’s visible of the blade is the opening hole. Minimal hardware and a non-standard, flared out pocket clip are the two other notable features on the RealSlim’s handle.

The RealSlim is not Jermer’sfirst production knife; he has done work with Boker and Puma in the past. Knives are just a part of Jermer’s portfolio, which also includes general graphic design for companies and other clients.

Jermer is the first new name to join the Real Steel ranks in quite some time. Generally, the company has relied upon a small, but reliable and recognizable group of designers like Jakub Wieczorkiewicz and Ostap Hel to flesh out their catalog. They’ve said that the RealSlim was a project two years in the making.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel RealSlim