Liong Mah Draws Up New Eraser for 2018

Liong Mah is bringing back his Eraser model in a new high-end format. The big, bold Eraser design has been unavailable since the discontinuation of the CRKT production model some years ago.

The Eraser has been through multiple incarnations over the years, as Mah collaborated with other makers, including Phil Boguszewski, to produce custom variations of the knife. But the Eraser’s defining feature has always been its unusual profile. The 4-inch modified drop point blade situates its cutting edge well below the handle line. In contrast, the handle itself stays at or above the pivot for nearly its entire length. Mah says this contrast has always helped the Eraser stand out – and function as a unique, high-performance cutting machine. “Makers would come up and ask why I did that blade drop,” he tells us. “They didn’t understand the radical look and its function. It looks cool, and as a chef I like blades that drop below the handle.”

Mah’s frequent collaborator Reate was responsible for the new Eraser build. CRKT’s version hit a mid-level price point and sported simple, serviceable materials: an AUS-8 blade and steel bolstered G-10 handle scales. Naturally the team chose high-end materials for the new release: M390 blade steel, and either a full titanium frame lock construction, or a 2/3 marbled carbon fiber handle with titanium bolster lock.

Liong Mah Eraser CF

Liong Mah Eraser CF

The design sees improvements outside of materials, too. Mah streamlined the handle, refined the flat grind, and narrowed the blade profile compared to the CRKT version. He also added in a blade cutout for a secondary deployment method after the ball bearing-powered flipper tab. And compared to his earlier Reate releases, Mah thinned down the blade stock to make the kitchen knife comparison go beyond the visual. “I knew we had to go thinner for these new knives. Thinner blade stock cuts better.”

A rigorous testing process was implemented before the Eraser was brought back out. Mah carried and tested the prototype to ensure the project would result in a product that was high-performance as well as high-end. “I use every knife I design and for the new Eraser I’ve been very critical.” He tells us that in the refinement process, the ergonomics have been raised to a very high level. “It almost feels like a bowie knife handle – it fits my hand perfectly.”

The titanium Eraser is available now. The CF Eraser is estimated to be available in two weeks.

Knife featured in image: Liong Mah Designs Eraser

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