Lucas Burnley Brings New Blade to Bear for Boker

There’s a new Boker/Lucas Burnley collaboration on the way, a compact and capable everyday carry piece called the Bend. Coming out under the Boker Plus line, the Bend is spec’d for similar everyday carry roles as many other Burnley designs, but with a style that helps it stand out from its siblings.

The core of the Bend’s unique look is the blade. For followers of Burnley’s work – both inside and outside the Boker label – it may surprise a bit. Compared to either the aggressive styling of the famous Kwaiken, or the more bulbous, organic look of knives like the CRKT Squid, the Bend’s drop point does its own thing. Clean, reasonable, and straightforward, its point drops pretty significantly, which makes the main edge’s belly quite subtle.

There are two opening options on the Bend. There’s a flipper tab, an inclusion which should surprise exactly nobody; more off the beaten path is the thumb disc. This disc has been anodized a light blue color, coordinating with the pivot collar, pocket clip, and lanyard loop, creating some contrast on a knife that is otherwise all black, blade included. That blade’s steel, by the way, is D2, which benefits from that black coating, which helps to protect the hardworking budget steel from rust.

Ergonomics on th Bend are simple and pared back; the durable GFN scales provide all the necessary grip traction. The thumb disk and flipper are both ambidextrous, but the Bend still favors righties in two ways, as its liner lock is configured for manipulation with the right hand, and the pocket clip attached with a non-reversible single screw.

The Bend is slated for a release in the late summer; Boker says August 25th.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Bend

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