New Hoo Knife First to Implement Traditional Slipjoint

Hoo Knives is back at it, showing off the first images of a new knife project over on their Instagram. This fourth Hoo model departs in a major way from the V trilogy, with a different look and different non-locking mechanics.

Named after England’s famous Sutton Hoo excavations in early 20th century, Hoo Knives has, over the course of its three releases, focused on designing modern folders spec’d for users in the UK, where knife laws are particularly strict, with edicts dictating both the blade length and necessitating there be no locking mechanism on folders.

All three knives in Hoo’s “V” Trilogy – the V1, V2, and V3 – featured detent-style non-locking mechanisms. The detent style is a more modern approach to non-locking knives; ball detents keep the blade closed as they do on most modern knives, but also secure while open. It’s a format especially well-suited to making non-locking flippers, which two of the V knives were.

This new, as-yet-unnamed knife stakes out new design territory. Compared to the slender V folders, the ergonomics of its titanium handle are more pronounced, and roomier, with cuts and grooves all over and a forward finger choil on the blade tang. The blade shape also stands out: it’s roundish, spear-like drop point – a shape that seems to indicate this release, too, will be keyed for everyday carry.

The new model trades out the aforementioned double detent setup for traditional slipjoint. That means a back spring providing tension on the tang in open and closed positions, keeping the blade where you want it without actually locking it. Not everything is new on the prototype, however; it has a titanium pocket clip very similar to the ones on the V trilogy pieces.

No release date for this one yet – and no name either, but Hoo Knives is currently soliciting opinions on what the name should be right now; if you’re feeling inspired go and submit an idea – who knows, you may end up naming Hoo knife number 4.

Knife in Featured Image: Hoo Knives Prototype 4

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