MagnaCut Arrives in GiantMouse Lineup with the Tribeca

MagnaCut continues on its path to world domination with its first ever appearance in the GiantMouse lineup. It’s the blade steel on a new model called the ACE Tribeca, which riffs on the now long gone GM4.

Released five years ago, the GM4 was, at that time, GiantMouse’s smallest folding knife release. Its blade measured just 2.5-inches long, but the flat grind and well-proportioned drop point shape were intended to maximize the cutting muscle. The handle was full titanium front and back, with a steel-capped frame lock in tow. Looking back at it now, the GM4 is a perfect encapsulation of that earlier era of GiantMouse, before the ACE lineup really came into its own.

There’s a black G-10 model as well

Speaking of ACE, the last new GiantMouse release was the Atelier, an ACE knife also modeled on a discontinued GM line piece. However, the Atelier followed its inspiration much more closely; the Tribeca uses the GM4 as a conceptual starting point, but does its own thing in a more fundamental way. For instance, its blade is bigger, measuring 2.87 inches. Part of that extra length is due to a forward finger choil, which was not a feature on the GM4. Also absent on that knife, but present on the Tribeca, is the GiantMouse opening hole, providing a second method of deployment after the flipper tab.

And yes, that blade is made from MagnaCut. This is the first time the steel has shown up in a GiantMouse model, and it makes the comparison between the Tribeca and the GM4 even more interesting. The GM4’s blade was made from M390 – another high performance super steel to be sure, but when it comes to pure desirability in the enthusiast sector, there’s no doubt MagnaCut beats out. Designed explicitly for knife nerds by a knife steel nerd, MagnaCut will turn in great numbers across the board – you can read more about here, in an article by its creator Larrin Thomas.

Meanwhile, the Tribeca’s handle hews much closer to the GM4’s, with the changes here being that it’s a liner lock rather than a frame lock and, thus, can have matching scales, made from either Micarta or Black G-10. The scales are contoured and there’s a loop over pocket clip included.

The Tribeca is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Tribeca

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