GiantMouse Atelier Follows in Footsteps of the Grand and GM5

GiantMouse has just rolled out the newest knife in its ACE lineup, the Atelier. This one is directly related to the Grand, another, larger ACE folder, but translates the Jesper Voxnaes/Jens Ansø design into something more compact.

The Atelier’s family tree is one of the longer in the GiantMouse catalog. Its immediate predecessor is the aforementioned Grand, a mid-sized workhorse; but the Grand itself was marketed as an ACE-ified reincarnation of the GM5. That knife was a premium, limited edition release like all the GM knives; GiantMouse described it as a “magnum opus,” a sort of summation of all that the company had learned up to the point. Throughout all these incarnations we can see the same two central traits: a broad harpoon blade and an unassuming but adequately roomy handle.

The Atelier is a liner lock in both its titanium and micarta versions

On the Atelier, that blade is reduced in size, down to 2.875-inches from 3.31 on the Grand and GM5. The harpoonized clip blade has some forward jimping in the center of its spine, which is a detail that its predecessors also had but that particularly makes sense in this smaller piece. Elmax steel is on tap for both flavors of the Atelier, providing powder metallurgy steel-levels of edge retention and rust resistance.

No-nonsense, simple, clean, linear – take your pick of the usual ergonomic buzzwords, the Atelier’s handle earns them all, and that’s no bad thing. It may be a smaller knife but there’s still enough room here for all four fingers; the spineside lanyard hole is even still here. GiantMouse is rolling out the Atelier with scales made from their usual green canvas Micarta, or premium contoured titanium scales sporting a diagonal line texturing that seems like an homage to the millwork on the original GM5 (without being quite that elaborate). Both versions of the Atelier have the standard GiantMouse wire clip; it weighs 3.3 oz. in Micarta, and 4.2 oz. in Titanium.

The GaintMouse Atelier is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Atelier

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