Spyderco Made a Splash in Amsterdam with MagnaCut Para Military 2

[All Image Credits: SpyderCollector]

SpyderCollector continued his reveals from the Amsterdam Meet today, with the centerpiece being quite a big one: a Salt Series Para Military 2. The Para Military 2 Salt does things a little differently than the standard Salt knife, with unique handle scales and what is the second appearance of a popular new powder metallurgy steel in the Salt line.

In terms of hall of fame Spyderco knives, the PM2 is right up there with the Delica, Endura, and, of course, the Military. It’s one of those designs that seems to appeal to just about every knife user demographic: it’s got serious EDC cred thanks to its slicey blade and reasonable weight, but also built for hard use with that oversized handle and resilient Compression Lock mechanism. Beyond the practical level it is eminently collectible, too, with an avalanche of special editions released over the years, with all sorts of handle colors and steels.

The ripple pattern scales are unique to the PM2 Salt

Speaking of steel, that’s probably the most interesting aspect of the PM2 Salt. It follows in the footsteps of the Native 5 Salt, in that its blade is made from CPM-MagnaCut. You’re certainly familiar with Larrin Thomas’s steel by this point, but usually when MagnaCut is discussed, it’s in terms of general EDC-type performance. And while it’s not marketed as a “rust proof” steel like LC-200N and H-1 (the other blade steels in the Salt line), MagnaCut seems to be quite rust resistant; this thread over on the Spyderco forum concerning a salt water test on the MagnaCut Mule, indicates high corrosion resistance. Steel properties aside, the simple existence of a PM2 in MagnaCut will check a wishlist box for lots of Spyderco fans out there.

This prototype PM2 Salt has black G-10 scales, with a sort of ripple texture, kind of like the patterning used on the Caribbean knives, albeit without the yellow/black coloration. Of course, this is a prototype, so who knows what the final product will look like.

SpyderCollector also disclosed an interesting piece of information in his write-up on the PM2 Salt. He writes that Eric Glesser stated his desire to make a Salt version of all the U.S.-made Spyderco knives; while there’s no timeline for this, the thought of a Military or Manix getting a Salt variation is pretty exciting indeed.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Para Military 2 Salt Prototype [Image Credit: SpyderCollector]

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